Horus I (Private Limited) was founded in 2009 by James Fang and Francis Chng. The two directors have been in the security industry for more than 20 years specializing in Executive Protection, Security Risk Audit & Consultation, Security Ops Room Management and Crisis Management.


We take our company motto - "We Watch Over Your Interests" as a holistic approach towards delivering high quality security solutions to our clients' requirements, which range from art pieces to data information protection. We do this by specially tailoring security and protection solutions to our client's unique needs. We also prioritise our staff's personal development by equipping them with essential knowledge, skill sets and equipment to carry out their duties professionally.

Over the years, we have also implemented a number of internal policies to create a corporate culture that respects the health & safety of our staff on any given mission, equal opportunities to all employees and job applicants as well as minimising the environmental impact of our business operations.


To be truthful to our clients and not compromise by not accepting assignments that are beyond our capability.

To honour our commitments and conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity.

To execute our duties with the utmost professionalism in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, safety and security.


To provide a premier executive protection for visiting business professionals, celebrities and high net worth individuals travelling within the Asia Pacific region.

To provide commercial and residential premises a higher standard of security officers who are better trained and more capable of handling security incidents/situations.

To establish a Command Center to provide crisis management support for our clients and to integrate a command & control of all our local and overseas operations.

To set up a Training Center to equip our staff with security equipment trends, physical training and specific skill sets to manage security incidents/ situations.


James was with the Police Coast Guard assigned to Kallang Headquarter and later transferred to Jurong Boat Base after which he became the assistant in-charge there. During his tour of duty with the elite Police Security Command, James was part of the protection team for both Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. He was among the first officers in the Police Force to be trained in combat/paramedic and subsequently, became the pioneer first-aid/Medic trainer in the Command. He was also the Chief Armorer there for a period of time.

After leaving the Singapore Police Force, he continued working in the security industry doing numerous assignments such as Executive Protection to high profile business persons/executives & international models, High Value Asset Protection and Security Audits.

He was also part of the Global Security & Investigation team of JP Morgan, working in the Regional Control Center before setting up Horus I.

James is a certified International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS), a member of the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) and a licensed Fire Safety Manager.


During his service in the Singapore Police Force, Francis was with the Bedok Police Divisional Headquarter and attached to Eunos Neighbourhood Police Post, where he was awarded the Commander's Award for leading the team in breaking a series of housebreaking cases.

Francis was part of the Special Advance Coverage and Surveillance Team when he subsequently transferred to the elite Police Security Command, during which he was involved in numerous major international & local events. He was also part of the armorer team, which ran the daily operations of the armoury.

He joined Singapore Post after leaving the Police Force as Superintendent in Postal Security, handling daily security operations and investigations. Francis move on to Merrill Lynch International Bank under an outsource company and his last held position was Asia-Pacific Manager for the Regional Security Control Centre.

He later joined Hartawan Holdings Ltd (formerly know as Vita Holdings Ltd) as Corporate Security Manager overseeing all security related matters for the entire company before he left to set up Horus I.

Francis is a certified International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS), a member of the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) and a licensed Fire Safety Manager.


Initially a Naval Combat Specialist, Lloyd was transferred to HQ Commando after passing the stringent selection process. Specialised as an Army Combat Diver, he received extensive training in maritime insertions, riverine operations and fast craft/small boat operations as well as intensive training as a weapon systems specialist. In addition to being a parachute jump master, he also represented his Formation in the SAF rifle shooting team.

During his 11 years with the Singapore Armed Forces, Lloyd served with several units in the Army. He served appointments at the Commando Training Wing and was instrumental in the grooming of Commando fighters. He was one of the core instructors for the formation of the Counter Assault Teams that are deployed during major international events. He also served in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Military Intelligence and the newly formed Combat Intelligence Group.

After leaving government service, he continued his work in the security industry doing numerous assignments such as Security Liaison, Security Auditing, Intelligence/Surveillance and Executive Protection for high profile figures and international celebrities. Lloyd was also heavily involved in several Joint-Ops training and exercises with various Ministry of Home Affairs sub-units. He has also been frequently involved in the planning, developing, execution & evaluation in various successful military missions and private assignments all across Asia and the Middle East.

Lloyd holds certifications in Counter Terrorism, Military Psychology (understanding body language and problem solving). He is a certified FFS Edged Weapons Instructor and accredited Wrestling Coach.

Lloyd is also a certified International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS).